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Chinese Medicine Wholesale Foot Callus Remover Foot Care Corn Removal 24/36/48pcs Per Box, On, you can get detailed information about Chinese Medicine Wholesale 24/36/48pcs Per Box Foot Callus Remover Foot Care Corn Removal, Corn Removal, Callus Remover, and Foot Care from Henan MF Technology Co., Ltd.


a corn

is an area of thickened skin that occurs as a result of pressure, normally over a bony prominence.

nature always tries to protect itself from damage and this is why the skin becomes thicker. corns are painful on pressure. there

is a darker area of skin within the corn which is often mistaken for a root. this is called the nucleus and is an inverted

conical area of compacted skin, pointing to the area of most pressure and pain.

hard corns can occur anywhere on the foot and can be hard or soft. corns can grow between the toes where two joints rub together.

seed corns are slightly different, they are normally found in small clusters on the sole of the foot and feel like you have a

small glass splinter. these are not necessarily associated with pressure alone dryness and friction play a part.

causes of corns:

>tight shoes

>deformed toes(hammer toes)

>seam or stitch inside the shoe which rubs against the toe

>abnormality of gait(walking)

>surgery to the lower extremities


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Henan, China

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corn removal plaster


24,36 or 48pcs/box


10 Box


OEM ODM Private Label


remove corns


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