Luxuryade Ly-018 Wholesale High Quality Health Care Products Foldable Far-infrared Heating Jade Mats


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Wholesale High-Quality Health Care Products from Luxuryade Ly-018 , Find Complete Details about Luxuryade Ly-018 Wholesale High Quality Health Care Products, Foldable Far-infrared Heating Jade Mats Foldable Far-infrared Heating Jade Mats, Jade Mats, Health Jade Mat, and Jade Massage Mats on from MY COSMETIC Co., Ltd.


it combines natural elements that are beneficial to our body, namely hot stone therapy, far infrared, negative ions, photon

lights, pemf, low frequency generator, to help us achieve better health in a simple, safe and convenient way.

(*pemf, low frequency generator, photon lights are optional features and may not be available in the device, please

contact us


more details.)

35-40u00b0 c / 95-104u00b0 f | safe for hypersensitivity and prolonged use of |

favors sleep, restoring strength & recovery, deep relaxation, helps to fight circadian rhythm disturbances, promotes digestion, reduces the symptoms of headache and migraine, strengthens the immune system, gives energy, favors cell regeneration.

45-50u00b0 c / 113-122u00b0 f | cycle of 2 hours or more |

sport & flexibility, promotes the work of the cardiac and respiratory system, normalizes blood pressure & regulates blood sugar levels, improves the functions of the endocrine system, normalizes the cycle of menstruation in women & maintains the correct hormonal background, can be used for asthma, allergy symptoms and respiratory difficulties.

55-60u00b0 c / 131-140u00b0 f | cycle 30-90 minutes |

helps fight stress, tension, anxiety & relief of traumatic conditions, promotes resistance to stress, supports joints, muscles and weak tissues & pain relief, deep relaxation, improvement of mood and vitality, strengthening immunity + detoxification.

65-70u00b0 c / 149-159u00b0 f | cycle 30-60 minutes |

cleansing at the level of the sauna & release from heavy metals and toxins at the cellular level, preventing the spread of viruses, cystic, digestive and endemic diseases, favors weight loss and improves skin color, promotes sexual energy and accelerates metabolism with low immunity, flu, colds, hangovers and low energy levels, helps healthy blood circulation & cleaning, strengthens the immune system from environmental harm.

(moq: 30-50pcs)

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Additional information

Place of Origin

Jiangsu, China

Brand Name


Model Number



Massage Mattress




Infrared physiotherapy, Body Healthcare Massage

After-sale Service

Free spare parts

Product Name

Thermal infrared Germanium Medium Mat




Infrared Physiotherapy


66x148cm / 26×58 in

Power supply

AC: 100-220V, 50/60 Hz, 180W

Operating Temperature

30-70xc2xb0 C / 85-159xc2xb0 F


12 Months






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