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Pharmaceutical Distributors Wanted, Pain Relieving Patches/Tiger Capsicum Plaster, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine On, you can find out everything there is to know about Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Distributors Wanted Medical, Pain Killer Plaster, Knee Pain Plaster, and Shoulder Pain Plaster from Shijiazhuang Lijin Health Care Products Co., Ltd.


the valuable effect of infrared radiation has been widely acknowledged. owing to its similar wavelength as the resonance of human body (4 – 14 microns), it penetrate heat into skin around 2 – 4 cm , deeper than anything else. the heat thus soothes mucsle and stimulate blood circulation from the deep of our bodies. the infrared radiation energy of p301 pain relief patch is derived from the the natural essential oil and metallic ores, e.g.: ca, na, al, cr, fe, li, mg, mn, si, which soothing the muscle pain effectively and naturally.

the ingredients are 100% natural, it can make the partial skin generate physical reaction to accelerate blood circulation and can relieve sore muscles, strains and sprains, as well as arthritis pain.

lumbar disease, cervical spondylosis, shoulder periarthritis, synovitis and other bone and joint diseases

1. once the bag has been opened, please use immediately

2. do not re-use the pads

3. if skin irritation or redness, flush the area with water and stop use.

4. avoid using on sunburned skin.

5. avoid using on sensitive skin.

6. stop using the products if you feel any discomfort.

7. keep away from children.

8. for external use only.

9. keep all products out of high or low temperatures and avoid direct sunlight.

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Pain Relief Patch

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Pain Relief Patch


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Relieve Pain


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